Bridging the gap between employers and students

akeisha brown • march 12

We met with Leeds City College a few weeks ago to talk about how we could help encourage more digital businesses to take on work experience students. Akeisha Brown from the colleges Business Engagement team talks about how digital businesses can get involved and how beneficial work experience is to students wanting to pursue careers in the industry.


A yearly round-up: 2019

danielle harrison • december 30

With only 19% of the digital workforce being female, we’ve had another busy year highlighting opportunities and routes into the industry, to bridge the gap. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you.


#Wheredidyoustart No32: Rohela Raouf

she does digital • september 2

With a knack for analysis and management, Rohela Raouf began her digital career path as an insight analyst. As her career progressed in the civil service, Rohela continued to challenge herself and left to become a freelance business analyst. Now she uses forefront technology to deliver solutions for her clients. 

My month in digital

lucy reast • august 29

Lucy Reast is currently a student at the University of Leeds and has only just begun her digital journey. With little digital experience she decided to gain some work experience, spending a month in award-winning digital agency Jaywing.


She Does Hey! From ______ to Digital

rose mountague • august 15

Join us for She Does Hey!: From ______ to Digital’ from 7pm at the Belgrave Music Hall. This is our second collaboration event with Hey! And you are all invited. 



#Wheredidyoustart №31: Laura Alderson

she does digital • august 5

Laura is currently Head of Digital and Planning at full service creative agency, Banana Kick. Her journey into digital started in the analogue world of photography management and catalogue production, but after moving to a Manchester advertising agency she transitioned into digital by accident working in a team that managed digital communications for one of the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets. Read her full story below.


#Wheredidyoustart №30: Shaa Ravi

she does digital • june 10

Shaa Ravi is a talented business analyst, Cranfield University graduate, STEM ambassador and proud Mum. Her journey into the tech world began when she was a young girl in India, and her path is certainly an inspiring one. Discover her story below.