I got into the industry after studying Graphic & Communication Design at the University of Leeds. Despite my degree and internships, I didn’t have much experience in digital. My course focused on aspects like typography, photography and print, with only one module in digital media

I chose to go to university because I think it can be a great way to experience multiple aspects of a subject. But since working in digital I’ve come across multiple people, especially developers, who are self-taught. With a growing number of online design and coding courses at a fraction of the cost of university, digital is becoming more and more accessible.

“I personally have no regrets about going to university but it isn’t for everyone and certainly isn’t necessary for getting into digital design.”

Towards the end of my final year, I kept an open mind applying to a range of interesting studios and agencies. I was invited to an interview at Parallax and was offered a job as a Junior Digital Designer. Almost three years on I’m midweight level, working on projects for some of our biggest clients. 

At Parallax I get to work on a range of digital transformation projects involving user experience and visual design. This includes anything from user research, testing and data analysis, to content audits, design planning and brand refresh. Plus website and app design, interaction and motion.


One of my favourite parts about my job is the project and client diversity. Every day has a new challenge and it’s interesting to get an insight into so many different industries. The potential to make a difference to the success of our clients and their end-user experience is also really exciting. 

“In my experience, I’ve found the digital industry to be very male-dominated. To develop tech that effectively serves people from all genders and backgrounds, the digital community needs to become more diverse.”

I think having more female role models in tech will help to develop an inclusive culture and inspire other women to join the industry. The advice I’d give to my younger self and to any others wanting to join the industry, without sounding too cliche, is to have faith in yourself. Fight the imposter syndrome and put yourself out there.

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 Ellen Jackson

Ellen Jackson @EllenCharlotte_

Ellen volunteers her copywriting skills for She Does Digital. She is a Senior Creative Copywriter from Manchester, a self-professed word nerd with a passion for problem solving. She's worked at some brilliant ad agencies both sides of the Pennines, trained in behavioural science-led creativity and built a portfolio full of successful integrated campaigns across the UK and Australia.