what is she does digital?

she does digital is a collective of people in Leeds who work in the digital industry. we're passionate about digital and it's been our mission to encourage more women and nonbinary people to pursue careers in the industry since we formed in 2016.

why are we doing this?

we’re working to close the digital skills gap in the uk. at the moment, women only account for a quarter of the industry*. this is how we plan to change that…


educate and inspire

We work with local schools, colleges and universities to educate teachers and pupils about the roles available in digital, how in demand these jobs are and the necessary skills you need to get into them. We want to change misconceptions and make tech and digital appealing to everyone. 


discover and showcase role models

We want better gender representation in digital which is something we are tackling through our #wheredidyoustart campaign. There are so many amazing women and nonbinary people in the industry at all levels and we want to get as many as possible to share their stories and speak at our events. It’s important to shout about the great work being contributed from everyone in digital. Why not share your story with us?


create a resource

Our website is a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about starting a career in digital and to gain an insight into what it’s like. We work with people across the industry to share insider stories from those working in digital, and give tips on getting into the industry for anyone starting out or making a career change. We are currently developing this everyday. Though our focus is closing the gender gap, our work is here to benefit everyone who comes to our events, reads our content or reaches out to us.


build a network

We can’t do this by ourselves, we need you! We’ve had a great response since our first event in 2016 with swathes of people asking to get involved and work with us. This needs to continue so that as we grow we can make a real change. Whether you are already in the industry, are in education or an organisation that would like to collaborate, we'd love to hear from you. 




featured • june 13

#Wheredidyoustart №37: Bethanie Durham

Bethanie Durham is an Associate Director at NORTH - part of the N21 Group. A content, digital PR and SEO agency in Newcastle, that works on a range of exciting brands. She’s been a part of the agency since day one and loves leading a digital team.