#Wheredidyoustart No32: Rohela Raouf

she does digital • september 2

With a knack for analysis and management, Rohela Raouf began her digital career path as an insight analyst. As her career progressed in the civil service, Rohela continued to challenge herself and left to become a freelance business analyst. Now she uses forefront technology to deliver solutions for her clients. 


#Wheredidyoustart №29: Natalie Lovett

she does digital • may 1

Natalie Lovett is the Cloud Commercial Lead at Infinity Works Consulting, but her route into the tech industry wasn’t as straightforward as you might expect. From a passionate start in the music industry to spending years working for the police, her roles have certainly varied over the years.


#Wheredidyoustart №28: Phoebe Conner

she does digital • march 12

Phoebe Conner’s journey to Digital Marketing started like many others, with a degree worlds away from tech. Phoebe’s passion for her blog and curiosity in increasing blog views with SEO gave her the confidence to leave a well-paid job as a Mortgage Advisor to work in SEO.

a day in the life of...

Amy Gerrish: A digital editor at Anthem Publishing

she does digital • february 20

Amy Gerrish is a digital editor at Anthem Publishing. Here, she provides an insight into a typical working day in the digital publishing industry.


#Wheredidyoustart №27: Lizzie Lewington

she does digital • january 9

Lizzie Lewington has forged an incredibly successful career in digital, that began by creating code on a video game 30 years ago. Lizzie’s passion and skill for digital has seen her excel throughout her career, in both web design and SEO. Now heading up international SEO strategy for one of the top search agencies in the North, this is her #Wheredidyoustart story.

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Coming to our Ada

she does digital • october 9

Coming to our Ada - why Ada Lovelace’s legacy is as important to feminism as it is to computer science.

Ada Lovelace’s contribution to technical science has had such a profound impact on computer advancement that we’re still benefiting from her creation of the very first computer code.

In fact, you can thank Ada for being able to read this blog post right now.


Announcing She Does SearchLeeds

she does digital • october 1

We are thrilled to announce our next event, being held at the Tetley in Leeds on Tuesday 16th October, in collaboration with the amazing team at SearchLeeds! Read on for more details...