Where did you start: No. 37: Bethanie Durham

jo pope • june 13

Bethanie Durham is an Associate Director at NORTH - part of the N21 Group. A content, digital PR and SEO agency in Newcastle, that works on a range of exciting brands. She’s been a part of the agency since day one and loves leading a digital team.


#InLeedsDay meets She Does Digital

annie moss-quate • december 27

The 28th November was all about #INLEEDSDAY2017, a city-wide event organised by Ahead Partnership. Designed to provide undergraduates from universities across Leeds with the opportunity to visit various workplaces and hear about the many roles on offer in the city, the team here at She Does Digital were keen to get involved.


Know Your Worth To Your Company & Employer

arianne donoghue • december 14

Before heading into a salary negotation, it's vitally important to know how much you should ask for. But how do you go about working out what a fair salary looks like when nobody talks about money? Find out how to discover your worth and why it's so important.


#Wheredidyoustart №15: Alice Oakhill

she does digital • december 13

Meet Alice Oakhill. From studying History of Art at Birmingham University to owning a very impressive job title at The Mill in New York, Alice is truly one of the trail blazers of this digital era. Here, Alice has joined our #Wheredidyoustart campaign, and talks us through her impressive career to date. Over to you, Alice!

women in digital

Meet the team behind She Does Digital

annie moss-quate • december 6

Meet the team behind She Does Digital.



#Wheredidyoustart №14: Kim Greenop-Gadsby

she does digital • december 4

It’s arguably a rarity to hear of a PHP developer turned digital marketer, but that’s exactly the background that Kim Greenop-Gadsby is able to share with us. Here, she tells us of her career so far, and why those qualifications aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to working in the digital sector.


So What is Digital Anyway?

arianne donoghue • november 23

At She Does Digital we’re all about, unsurprisingly, digital. But what is digital and how is it different to tech or STEM? And why did we decide to focus our efforts on digital rather than one of these other areas?