A yearly round-up: 2019

danielle harrison • december 30

With only 19% of the digital workforce being female, we’ve had another busy year highlighting opportunities and routes into the industry, to bridge the gap. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you.


#Wheredidyoustart №18: Reema Vadoliya

she does digital • february 6

Meet Reema Vadoliya. From getting knee-deep in numbers at university, to graduating into a bit of an unknown field, Reema’s here to show that the learning doesn’t end with a gown and mortar board. In fact, that might just be the beginning. Over to you, Reema!


#Wheredidyoustart №17: Claudia Rowe

she does digital • january 17

Meet Claudia Rowe. After an almost blind date level of chance encounter with the world of digital, Claudia now lives in London and works as a Performance Media Manager at Google. Intrigued as to how Claudia made that jump from meandering grad to working for a tech giant? Here’s her rather brilliant #wheredidyoustart story.


#Wheredidyoustart №16: Heather Healy

she does digital • january 4

It’s fair to say that Heather Healy is something of an expert in juggling. No, not batons or balls, but substantially more important things like career building and child rearing! Now the Marketing Communications Director at Leeds agency Stickyeyes, here Heather shares her #wheredidyoustart story with us. Over to you, Heather!


#InLeedsDay meets She Does Digital

annie moss-quate • december 27

The 28th November was all about #INLEEDSDAY2017, a city-wide event organised by Ahead Partnership. Designed to provide undergraduates from universities across Leeds with the opportunity to visit various workplaces and hear about the many roles on offer in the city, the team here at She Does Digital were keen to get involved.


Know Your Worth To Your Company & Employer

arianne donoghue • december 14

Before heading into a salary negotation, it's vitally important to know how much you should ask for. But how do you go about working out what a fair salary looks like when nobody talks about money? Find out how to discover your worth and why it's so important.


#Wheredidyoustart №15: Alice Oakhill

she does digital • december 13

Meet Alice Oakhill. From studying History of Art at Birmingham University to owning a very impressive job title at The Mill in New York, Alice is truly one of the trail blazers of this digital era. Here, Alice has joined our #Wheredidyoustart campaign, and talks us through her impressive career to date. Over to you, Alice!