We caught up with Hannah O’Sullivan, digital marketer and organiser of Glug Leeds, to chat about where her career started...

I was always interested in art at school but knew I didn’t have the talent to pursue it at university level. That’s why a degree in Design Management and Innovation at De Montfort University appealed to me, as the design modules allowed me to continue being creative, whilst learning new skills in management and marketing.

Following my undergrad degree, I completed an MSc in Marketing at the University of Leicester. This course was more academically focused, and furthered my knowledge in key marketing principles.

Whilst at university I also did lots of freelance work and curated events. I think it’s really important to do this throughout your education as you learn so many skills that prepare you for the working world — such as how a business is run, how to work with people, and how to network (and give a proper handshake!)

Since leaving university I have worked in marketing roles across various different sectors and now run my own business called Consume Communications.

I’m also part of a small team who have launched the infamous Glug creative networking events in Leeds. I love engaging with a community, so when I moved to Leeds a few years ago I was looking for a creative meetup group to join. I had seen the brilliant work done at Glug in London, and was keen to be part of something similar in the north, so instead of joining a group I ended up launching a community in Leeds.

Glug Leeds has been running for about two years now and it’s amazing to watch it grow. I’ve met such fascinating people through the events, both speakers and attendees, and it’s great to be able to bring all of these like-minded people together.

We recently ran a Glug event that highlighted the amazing careers and opportunities in the digital sector. Not only was it inspiring for people in the industry, but also for students and those looking for a change in their career. That’s the joy of digital industry, it is appealing to anyone at any age.

People talk of the digital skills shortage, but I don’t think that is the issue. There are many talented people out there, with skills that can be applied to digital roles. I think there needs to be greater clarity on what jobs there are in digital and that you don’t need to be ‘techie’ to work in tech.

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