Our second #wheredidyoustart profile comes from Meghan Burton, Director of SEO at Epiphany.


I studied English at university and had created my own blog about books, so unsurprisingly I landed a job as a copywriter at first.

I was lucky enough to be hired by an agency that had an SEO function where the SEO actually left after I’d been there for only 3 months. While they hired someone external to replace him, that person didn’t work out – and in the meantime I’d been learning as much as I could, so I was lucky enough to get promoted to SEO, where because I was the only one in a small agency I had to coordinate a huge amount of activity on my own.

I had a great mentor and a good platform to learn, both of which helped set me up for success and gave me a springboard into higher levels of responsibility in two new organisations, leading to where I am now.

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