Meet Reema Vadoliya. From getting knee-deep in numbers at university, to graduating into a bit of an unknown field, Reema’s here to show that the learning doesn’t end with a gown and mortar board. In fact, that might just be the beginning. Over to you, Reema!

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After finishing my BSc in Mathematics at Leeds University, I completed a three-month internship as a Data Analyst at icelolly.com - after which I was offered a full time position. The internship provided the perfect opportunity for me to understand how the business operates, as well as getting my head around the reams of data that come from the site.

For me, this was the best way to learn about a completely new industry. The short internship meant I had to get stuck in straight away, which in turn allowed me to make the most of my time and ultimately led to a permanent position.

Currently, I am responsible for day-to-day business performance reporting, as well as analysing onsite user behaviour.

Recently we have focussed on automating reports using tools such as Google's BigQuery and DataStudio. Automating reports has developed my computer language skills - improving my SQL, JavaScript and Python writing. The advance of AI and machine learning is very exciting, and I am currently taking a Stanford University online training course to develop my understanding of this, with hopes to open career opportunities working with machine learning in the future.

I enjoy working in digital due to its dynamic nature. I am able to analyse onsite behaviour down to an individual user level, versus behavioural trends over varying timescales.

When it comes to advising my younger self, I’d tell her to be more proactive as a student. I took full use of the university careers centre in my final year, but I would have benefitted from utilising the service through research for summer internships in my first and second year to build my skills and CV.

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