We have some great stories to share on breaking into digital in our #wheredidyoustart campaign. The first story is from She Does Digital’s very own Gill...

In my final year at university, I started working at a small digital agency in Leeds. I studied German and International Relations at university so I wasn’t digitally trained so to speak, but growing up immersed in the Internet and having a strong interest in technology, I was definitely digitally-minded.

I started out as an Office Manager, progressing to Account and Project Management within a few months. As it was quite a small agency, I ended up being involved in nearly every aspect of the company. From overseeing website builds, creating brand strategy, marketing and SEO—I learnt a lot in a very short space of time. The benefit of working in a smaller agency is that you have a lot of responsibility from the outset and acquire a broad range of skills.

After being there for over two years I was eager to pursue a new challenge – I wanted to manage bigger projects and focus on one area of expertise, which is when I joined Epiphany as a Digital Project Manager. What I enjoy most about Epiphany is working with lots of extremely talented people and bringing all of their specialisms together to deliver valuable work.

Working in such a dynamic environment is exciting, and it feels as if there is no end to what you can discover and learn.

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