She Does Digital started life in March 2016 at Epiphany in Leeds when the two co-founders and lots of talented women and men in digital came across a statistic they didn't like. Only a quarter of the digital workforce is currently female, with even lower numbers when you drill down into more technical roles.

The original intention was to create a one-off women in tech event for Leeds Digital Festival to highlight the gender gap, but when you bring together a bunch of passionate marketers and creatives, you end up with a very strong brand and some amazing ideas. 

We had a really warm response from the digital community in Leeds when we launched, and decided to keep it going and see how things develop. Today, on the launch of this very website, we are now a team of eight experts from all areas of digital with over sixty years combined experience working in the sector.  

From left to right we have Ginny who is an expert in conversion rate optimisation and a qualified scientist, Charly who recently joined the workforce in digital media, Danielle who is a talented digital designer (responsible for this very website), Arianne who is an expert in paid media and loves writing code, Annie who co-founded She Does Digital and works in web development delivery, Jane who is a senior account manager and expert in campaign management, Lizzie who is an expert in international search engine optimisation strategy and last but not least, Rose who is co-founder and creative director with ten years of experience working in digital. 

We all share the same passion for making digital more accessible and most of the work we do is in our spare time. As we're a small team, our strategy is to collaborate with educational institutions, businesses and the wider public to make change happen. 

Fancy giving us a hand? Get in touch.

annie moss-quate

annie moss-quate @mosschop

Annie is co-founder of She Does Digital and has worked in digital marketing for the past 10 years. She's also Head of Planning at Epiphany working in the award-winning creative studio.